Maryland Office of Bar Counsel's Misconducts



The Judicial Lynching Of Andrew Ndubisi Ucheomumu

This website is set up to expose a pattern of criminal misconduct by the Maryland Office of Bar Counsel, and to clear my good name that was tarnished as a result.  First, as shown on this website, there is evidence that the key witness and my former client, Shannan Martin was bribed in the disciplinary proceeding against me (click on "Bribing A Witness" tab); second, the Bar Counsel’s office withheld tens to hundreds of documents (click on "Concealing Evidence" tab); and third, Bar Counsel's office manufactured contentions that I was not even charged with  (click on "Manufacturing Contentions" tab). This entire proceeding was a sham proceeding and a judicial lynching. Accordingly, I set up this website to clear my good name that was smeared and soiled by this shenanigan. The Maryland Office of Bar Counsel engaged in criminal prosecutorial misconduct in this case (see 18 USC 242), and Assistant Bar Counsel, Jennifer Thompson and Deputy Bar Counsel, Raymond Heins willfully misled the Maryland Court of Appeals into adopting and publishing demonstrable FALSEHOODS. As shown in my pending Motion for Reconsideration below, the Court's Opinion is repeatedly CONTRADICTED by Martin's testimony under oath and Thompson's own Answers to Respondent's Interrogatories which are supposed to be signed under oath, as well pursuant Md. Rule 2-421(b).


This case arose when Martin filed a complaint against me, essentially asking the Bar Counsel to help her get more refund than she was offered in a settlement. Martin is my former client who retained me to appeal his custody case. However, Martin’s trial attorney refused to turn over her case file despite repeated requests because Martin owes him money. Bar Counsel NEVER went after Martin’s former attorney for this conduct. Furthermore, in my engagement agreement, Martin was responsible for paying for her transcripts, but she NEVER paid a dime, because Martin thought that at least two of the transcripts were already in her case file with her former counsel. Without her case file, I was not able to determine that Martin’s appeal was even a nullity because there was a motion to alter and amend filed that is still pending to this day. In the meantime, Martin requested and received numerous legal services concerning her child custody and visitations without any additional payment. As explained in the "About" tab herein, Lawyers simply cannot continue to live in fear in Maryland where the disciplinary proceeding is actually encouraging people like Shannan Martin to STEAL legal services from lawyers and stiff them.


I have represented hundreds of clients and no one EVER accused me of being incompetent, and I have NEVER wrongfully taken any client’s money. Furthermore, I have NEVER lied to any client or any court to cover for any client. No client is that important for me to endanger my reputation for. In addition, I have represented so many clients without charging them; logging more than 100 hours every year in free legal representation. Thus, the smearing of my name is particularly hurtful, and this can happen to any attorney in Maryland. Thank you for reading this judicial outrage.

                                                                                     Respectfully Signed.

                                                                                     Andrew Ndubisi Ucheomumu