The mission here is to set the record straight. After this happened to me, and as I told the Court of Appeals Judges in March 2018 when Bar Counsel's Office tried to change the rule to exempt them from Maryland Discovery Rules; when I now read a Maryland Attorney Disciplinary opinion, I cannot help to wonder whether I am reading sand bagged facts; how much documents were withheld by the Bar Counsel's Office; how much bribery did they give to witnesses? Also and as in this case; are the facts of the opinion a product of faulty inferences in a proceeding where the evidentiary standard is supposed be "clear and convincing?" Lawyers simply cannot continue to live in fear in Maryland where the disciplinary proceeding is actually encouraging people like Shannan Martin to STEAL legal services from lawyers and stiff them. 


The goal is to make all the documents of this case available for the public to see and decides for yourself whether this is "justice" or "black justice?"  More importantly, the goal is to encourage more lawyers to tell their story.


The objective is to raise awareness of Maryland Office of Bar Counsel's misconducts in attorney disciplinary proceedings. If you are faced with a disciplinary proceeding, do not think that the Office of Bar Counsel are fair or ethical. They often tell Judges "we have disclosed all the discoverable materials," but what they are not saying is that they have "disclosed all the materials they have in their possession." Be warned!