Out of over $10,000 in legal services I provided to Shannan Martin, the evidence showed, and the Court found that Martin paid me a total of $6,200. After the former Bar Counsel, Glenn Grossman, and the current Assistant Bar Counsel, Jennifer Thompson, directed Martin to file a claim with the Maryland Attorney Client Protection Fund (CPF), on November 13, 2017, six weeks before the trial, CPF inexplicably paid Martin $6,500. When I requested for a copy of the check, CPF tried to cover it up by sending me a redacted copy of the check which hid the amount paid to Martin. 


Redacted Pay Off Check.

After a protracted battle, CPF produced the unredacted copy of the check in exchange for not testifying under oath. As it turns out, CPF actually paid Martin $6,500, six weeks before the trial and they secretly entered into a cooperation agreement with her. CPF in cahoots with Bar Counsel’s office bribed Martin before the trial, therefore giving her a $6,500 financial incentive to lie. 


Martin's Checks and Pay Off Check


Signed Cooperation Agreement Between Martin and CPF.

CPF never pays anyone until the Court finds defalcation and I was not even charged with defalcation. CPF also does not pay anyone more than they paid an attorney. They do not pay interest. 


Information From CPF Website: