At the start of the trial, Jennifer Thompson was caught withholding tens to hundreds of documents that are potentially exculpatory and mitigating. The Deputy Bar Counsel, Raymond Heins stood by and did nothing to ensure the disclosure of the withheld documents. The trial Court ordered Thompson to produce a privilege log, but it was later discovered that she did not list all the documents she withheld.  Among the documents Thompson withheld and failed to list were those regarding the pay off to Martin. When I filed a Motion to Compel production of the documents just as Judge White did in In re White, the Court of Appeals denied my motion without any explanation. No one seriously believes that Thompson withheld documents that were helpful to her case. At a minimum, Thompson withheld documents that are exculpatory or mitigating. Regardless for whatever purpose, it is a gross prosecutorial misconduct, a crime pursuant to 18 USC 242, and beneath the dignity of any civilized society to withheld documents in a proceeding intended to deprive a man of his ability to earn a living within his profession.


Jennifer Thompson, Asst. Bar Counsel


PIA Letter To Obtain The Concealed Documents


AGC Continues to Hide The Withheld Documents